The time to expand globally is here

Welcome to read the latest issue of For Surface Protection. In this issue we shall focus on FSP’s international expansion and the latest trending technologies in the business. What are FSP’s advantages in the international competition and what kind of challenges lie ahead? Did you know that FSP’s greatest asset is the company’s personnel?

FSP has already established experience as a global entrepreneur. The company has operated in Estonia and Poland for over a decade. FSP’s vision is to elevate the company to the next level by seeking international growth. As a flexible operator we are willing to re-locate and expand our place of business in order to be closer to our valued customers. Our production is scalable and we have the ability to adapt. Our concept is proven to work and it will create added value to our customers. The company has been prepared for an international expansion and we believe we have what it takes to succeed. FSP to the next level – we are more than ready.

FSP’s advantage in the surface treatment industry is the ability to provide customers quality and service according to the QHES standards. FSP’s QHES Director Kari Rinkinen introduces the contents of quality, health, environment and safety issues. Our customers have high standards for these issues and the same demands comply with us.

The personnel of FSP is the company’s greatest asset by creating great competitive advantage. The expertise and experience within the company measures is decades. The market of surface treatment industry is known to be fragmented and the demand of services changes often. FSP takes on the roles of a forerunner and an expert in the industry.

By educating our personnel we can simultaneously expand our business abroad.

At the Stargard unit in Poland FSP benefits substantially from the latest technology available. One of these technologies is e-coating. Here you can read more about the business acquisition in Poland and get acquainted with the technology behind the e-coating process.

Growing our business globally also provides us a great opportunity to enlarge our network of experts in the industry. FSP’s customers will gain more extensive and versatile services in the future.

What are the challenges of going global? Cultural differences, language obstacles and organizational communication. Implementing FSP’s company culture and unifying procedures will be undoubtably somewhat difficult. But we should not consider any challenge as an obstacle.

As FSP is a service provider in the surface treatment industry the key element in the company’s strategy is our competent personnel. By educating FSP’s staff we ensure a high level of services in both domestic and international operations.

We proudly present our vision to become the largest surface treatment operator in the world by year 2030. FSP will expand globally and we consider challenges as opportunities we are willing to work for – together.

Yours sincerely,

Jarno Huttunen
CEO, FSP For Surface Protection