“The purpose of HSEQ is to keep improving what we do and how we do it.”

Kari Rinkinen, HSEQ and Development Director, FSP Group, describes how optimizing processes and resource utilization is central to FSP’s way of creating customer value. FSP is leveling up by launching Excellence teams – expert knowledge made available to clients.

With over 15 years of experience developing the HSEQ areas in FSP, Kari is used to staying on top of multiple processes. His responsibilities are the four areas of Health, Safety, Environmental Management and Quality. To maintain pace simultaneously, he leads four operative cross-functional “Excellence teams” consisting of experts in their field. The teams support the clients in improving production processes, resource management, workflow, always with the ambition to continuously improve productivity as well as in all areas of sustainability.

The teams and experts work at FSP with internal development and are also available for both new and existing clients.

“We are cooperating with the client in project-based task force teams. Our competence covers all you need when it comes to surface protection. This can be for example planning a new surface treatment line establishing contacts with suppliers or optimizing an existing product line. We can also help the clients with the transition to more sustainable processes.

With long experience and specialization within surface treatment combined with a strong focus on HSEQ areas and innovation, FSP is an ideal partner for companies who want to improve in these areas. For FSP, working environment and safety, paint system development, workflow optimization, and energy efficiency improvement are examples of HSEQ focus areas.

“We lead by example. By improving in these areas, we can positively impact our and our customers’ work on an ongoing basis. The key to customer value is improving what we do and how we do it.”

Through the Excellence teams, FSP’s knowledge and experiences are made accessible to clients.

“Every surface treatment line can be optimized, also regarding sustainability. Depending on demands on processes and specifications, we find the path to improvement.”

“It’s possible to optimize each surface treatment line, all while prioritizing sustainability. We tailor our approach to improvement according to process requirements and specifications.”

Working in dynamic teams with clients, watching continuous improvements, and delivering on set goals regularly motivates Kari in his everyday work.

“I am spurred on by improving what we do and how we do it. We value insights gained in everyday operations and continuously invest in developing competencies and well-being. This benefits our clients in the continuous improvement of each area.” Kari concludes.

The Excellence teams have just been introduced, and FSP will continue to develop and improve the concept in close contact with clients.