Durable and elegant posts for Tampere tramway

Tampere tramway starts operating in August 2021. Along its route, there will be three kinds of tram posts. They are supplied by Tehomet, while FSP is responsible for their surface treatment. The companies work in close cooperation in Kangasniemi. 

Dust-free wet blasting in the middle of Kalasatama in Helsinki

In autumn 2018, FSP provided various wet blasting services to its clients with its mobile equipment. One of the sites was in Kalasatama in Helsinki, close to the shopping centre Redi; the adhesives in an apartment building’s concrete foundation were cleaned with a wet blaster by FSP.

Fireproofing at an airport and in Kilpilahti

During the past year, FSP has received several fireproof coating projects. The sites have included both public facilities and industrial areas, where structures need to maintain their sufficient load-bearing capacity even during a fire.