Steel constructors in Northern Finland appreciate quality, speed and flexibility

FSP offers comprehensive services to companies in northern Finland at both the modern Raahe surface treatment plant and at project sites. Our strengths are good customer service, supply security, and quick deliveries.

The Miilukangas Group has not regretted its 15-year long partnership with FSP. According to CEO Pekka Miilukangas of the Miilukangas Group, the partnership has offered strong expertise in surface treatment as well as background organization, special treatment services when needed, and good knowledge of environmental requirements.

The traditional Miilukangas Group and FSP have been cooperating closely at the Raahe surface treatment plant on the north-western coast of Finland for 15 years. The partnership has highlighted daily interactions, speedy deliveries, and a flexible culture of work, all abetted by geographical proximity.

FSP’s customers at Raahe include in addition to Miilukangas, other notable steel constructors as well, including the steel company SSAB, the machine shop company Telatek, and Presteel, manufacturer of heavy-duty pipes.

In addition to surface treatment plant services, FSP also actively carries out both small and large projects in the Northern Ostrobothnia region. Project sites include nuclear power plant constructions, lighthouses, ships, water towers, element beams, and lighting poles.

”Our strengths include willingness to provide a good service, supply security, and quick deliveries. We offer a comprehensive service to businesses of various sizes in Northern Finland, depending on their needs and according to high quality standards,” says Joni Siironen, Manager for FSP’s Raahe business unit.



Cooperation with Miilukangas started in 2003, when the company decided to outsource their surface treatment operations and chose FSP as their new partner. This is a decision they have not had to regret.

”We were personally responsible for the surface treatment operations of our machine shop since the 1970s, so we know that it takes a lot of expertise due to demanding contractors and the high quality standards of customers,” says CEO Pekka Miilukangas of the Miilukangas Group.

”We wanted to work with FSP because they are in possession of a wide professional network due to their surface treatment expertise, and because we know that we can generate additional value for surface treatment by developing quality.”

”This partnership offers us strong expertise in surface treatment as well as a background organization, special treatment services when needed, and good knowledge of environmental requirements and other authoritative regulations.”

Pekka Miilukangas has been a full-time employee at the family business since the 1980s. The roots of the Miilukangas Group, based in Raahe, go back 50 years to the time when Erkki and Anja Miilukangas, the parents of the current owner siblings, founded a business called Saloisten Putkiliike. Since then, their operations have expanded from HPAC to housing construction and various sectors of the engineering shop and steel industries.



One of the most decisive reasons for the partnership was the goal of Miilukangas to focus on developing their own core competence and on facilitating growth conditions both at home and abroad.

”Our customers require quality, quick deliveries, and flexibility, so these are requirements for our partners as well. Offers need quick responses in this industry. Once the order has been confirmed, design must get going right away and the supply chain must work in a smooth and uncomplicated manner.”

The items currently processed in surface treatment are the steel structure products supplied by three companies in the Miilukangas Group, namely flow pipe operator Miilupipe Oy, steel service centre Miilux Oy, and the custom machine shop Miilumachine Oy. The treated items are typically individual steel parts, which are then moved down in the chain to assembly.

Miilux manufactures steel consumables for e.g. the mining industry, and Miilumachine produces machine parts for international machine manufacturers.

Miilukangas appreciates FSP’s long-term capability to invest in Raahe. Miilukangas and other companies in the Raahe region can now benefit from even more modern surface treatment expertise, as FSP opened a new surface treatment facility in the summer of 2017 on Kiiluntie in Raahe. The facility has excellent access to highway 8, so transporting even large components to and from surface treatment is easy and quick.

The new plant enables the surface treatment of even longer and heavier items. In total, the facility comprises some 1,400 square metres. Covered storage facilities make operations easier. The facility has a total lifting capacity of 25 tons.

”We believe that our cooperation will become even clos- er in the future, further improving our growth potential. Cooperating with FSP means that low surface treatment capacities will never be a reason for work to not get done.”



  • The group consists of 12 companies, including affiliates.
  • A family business established in 1967.
  • Operated in the HPAC sector at first, then expanded to steel structures and housing construction.
  • Several specialized machine shops in Raahe and a business in Poland.
  • Selected by the London Stock Exchange on their list of 1000 European small and medium-sized companies.
  • The machine shop group includes the custom machine shop Miilumachine Oy, Miiluweld Oy which offers plate works and welding services to the group, the flow pipe operator Miilupipe Oy, and the steel service centre Miilux Oy.
  • Annual turnover approximately 50 MEUR.
  • Approximately 200 employees.