Value-added services

Value-added services save
time and money

FSP offers value-added services that include for example sub-assembly, packing, accessorizing, storage services and delivery to the end customer. The purpose of value-added services is to speed up, streamline and optimise customers production processes and the entire delivery chain.

Surface treated products can be delivered straight to the customer, this streamlines the delivery process significantly. As our services saves time, our customers will be able to focus more on their own core competencies in a more efficient manner.

Value-added services

Sub-assembly and final accessorising work on a smaller scale, that does not require any further qualifications is usually good to execute either during the surface treatment or straight after. For example assembling additional parts hoses, hatches etc. to the product. After the assembly the finished product is ready to be shipped to the final customer.

Labeling and sign mounting is best to perform while the product is still on the surface treatment railing as it saves time and effort. The product is usually ready to be delivered to the final customer after labeling and sign mounting is done.

A finished surface treated product with the additional sub-assemblies and labeling is usually ready to be packed and shipped to the final customer. FSP offers services in all the required work phases, speeding up the processes and production.

FSP offers storage services for surface treated products that consist of larger shipments or for items that require  subsequential assembling. FSP also handles the final delivery of the stored products to the end customer.

FSP offers loading and transporting services according to the customer’s requirements.

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