The AIVOT application is a part of FSP’s more ecological surface treatment strategy

The AIVOT application acts as a tool for optimisation, controlling and reporting of production. The patented application is FSP’s response for the demand of more environmental friendly methods in the surface treatment business.

The AIVOT application stores data collected from the surface protection production line to cloud services. Production analysis can consist of examining rotation times, productivity and possible bottle necks. The analysis of the production line with current real time data also improves decision making.

In the future the application will be set out to collect data of the emissions, and energy consumption created by the production process.

Technology and product development

The production process is streamlined whenever it is possible and rational. We are constantly in search of new technology applications and process solutions in order to gain a competitive edge e.g. faster lead times.  The main idea lies at the core of reducing loss.

Simulation and optimisation

The purpose of simulation is to investigate the capacity of the shops, discover possible bottle necks in the production and workstation utilisation rate. This is followed by planning how the resources, machinery, facilities, and personnel are utilised most efficiently and how assembly times are minimized. Optimising production enables utilization of  the existing functions and supports new ones.

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