Surface treatment shops

Our surface treatment shops
form a comprehensive and competent network

At FSP we have built a network of over 20 surface treatment shops, in which we guarantee high quality, reliable and flexible surface treatment operation located near our customers.

Each FSP’s surface treatment shop is unique but basic services like washing, degreasing, steel grit shot blasting and wet coating are offered in all our shops. We also provide in some of our shops powder coating, acid pickling, fireproofing and thermal spraying services.

We are often able to combine outsourcing and in-house customers and thus maximise the utilisation of our shops.

With close co-operation and fluent communication, FSP actively follows the needs of its customers and quickly adapts to changes by optimising the processes. For example, during production spikes we increase the amount of personnel to ensure a steady supply process.

NORSOK quality and
FROSIO inspections

FSP performs surface treatment in accordance with various standards. Some of our surface treatment shops are NORSOK qualified, which means that we can perform surface treatment according to strict Norwegian NORSOK standard. FSP’s FROSIO qualified inspectors ensure that the quality of the surface treatment remains in line with the standardS during every stage of the work.

CE-approval and EN-1090 standard

Also a number of FSP’s surface treatment shops are CE approved / FI certified according to EN-1090 standard, and these shops have a premission to surface treat CE marked products. CE approval / FI certification shows that the company or site is qualified to surface-treat load-bearing steel structures without a separate audit.

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