Polyurea coating

Fast durability

Polyurea coating provides a surface that is very durable against chemical and mechanical stress. The coating has a strong abrasion and scratch resistance. A finished polyurea coating surface can be achieved by a one layer coating system. Polyurea coating is cured extremely fast and this subsequently contributes to their high resistance of humidity.

Polyurea coating is performed by spraying a two-component polyurea substance to the substrate eg. floors, loading docks, ramps, walls, roofs, balconies and pools. Polyurea coating is suitable for any environment that is exposed to extreme mechanical and chemical stress or immersion.

Special coatings

Floor coating

Floor coating is generally performed with epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea coating.

Thermal spray coating

Thermal spray coating results in a substrate that has a metallic coating.

Fire proofing

Surface treatment that includes fireproofing is performed by spraying fire retardant treatment to the substrate.

ARC coating

ARC coating offers protection that is substantially superior in comparison to traditional coatings.

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