Fire proofing

Fire safety with coating

Surface treatment that includes fireproofing is performed by spraying fire retardant treatment to the substrate. The fireproofing spray method is also known as passive fireproofing. Passive fireproofing is a sufficient way of preventing the fire from spreading. The application method of fireproof treatment is similar to wet coating. Surface treatment fireproofing is often performed on industrial facilities, buildings, ships, and trains. Fireproofing is performed also in chemical plants and the components the plants manufacture.

FSP performs fireproofing in surface protection units and also at different project sites. Contact our sales for more information.

Special coatings

Floor coating

Floor coating is generally performed with epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea coating.

Thermal spray coating

Thermal spray coating results in a substrate that has a metallic coating.

Polyurea coating

Polyurea coating is extremely durable.

ARC coating

ARC coating offers protection that is substantially superior in comparison to traditional coatings.

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