Shot blasting and centrifugal blasting

Shot blasting, centrifugal blasting and sand blasting

Shot blasting is a mechanical cleaning process in which the surface of the part is grinded by blasting it with steel, aluminium, glass or sand material.

The pretreatment of steel surfaces is usually performed using steel grit and sand to remove any rust or old coating and to ensure a rough profile for proper adhesion.

Steel surface treatment is generally performed by steel grit and sand to remove for example weld spatter or rust. The appropriate blasting method is determined by the material and the painting specification.

Shot blasting can be performed manually, automatically or with robots. Automated and robotic shot blasting is often called centrifugal blasting. Highest level of cleanliness is usually achieved by manual shot blasting

Shot blasting, centrifugal blasting and sand blasting are important pretreatment phases to ensure an adequate paint or coating adhesion.

Shot and centrifugal blasting are commonly followed by either a powder coating or a wet coat treatment.

Shot blasting is often referred to as sand blasting.


High pressure wash

The high pressure wash is usually performed manually.

Acid pickling

Pretreatment method for metal where the parts are immersed in tanks or pools.

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