Development of surface
treatment as a goal

The most important single step in industrial painting is pretreatment that ensures a high-quality outcome for the process of surface treatment. Pretreatment process consists of surface cleansing and roughening to ensure proper adhesion of the chosen coating. Pretreatment is usually performed by washing off the dirt and grease from the surface followed with a thorough spray cleaning.

After the pretreatment of the surface, the area is examined to ensure it is completely free from dust, blasting grit and other impurities. High-quality corrosion protection can only be achieved by carrying out the pretreatment according to the standards.


High pressure wash

The high pressure wash is usually performed manually.

Acid pickling

Pretreatment method for metal where the parts are immersed in tanks or pools.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a mechanical cleaning process.

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