Surface treatment

Surface treatment of steel
is our core competence

First class surface treatment

With various surface treatment methods it is possible to improve the product’s resistance against corrosion and enhance its visual appearance. Most common surface treatment methods include wet and powder coating, acid pickling and galvanizing.

The choice of surface treatment method will depend on the material of the workpiece and the final operating environment of the workpiece i.e. atmospheric corrosivity classes. High-quality surface treatment will reduce the maintenance cost and prolong the product’s lifespan. Surface treatment may also create new features for the product such as friction reduction, sound or heat insulation or fire protection. Industrial painting can be therefore considered as ecological performance.

To ensure the highest quality, each step of the surface treatment process is carefully checked and validated by various methods, such as dust tests, dry film thickness measurements and tensile tests.

FSP performs surface treatment both on site and in our surface treatment units.


The most important single step in industrial painting is pretreatment.

Wet coating

Wet coating is the most versatile and traditional surface treatment method.

Powder coating

Powder coating – efficient and durable surface treatment method.


As the chemicals used in the process are water-soluble the method does not produce harmful VOC’s.

Special coating

The floor coating is most often implemented with epoxy, polyturethane or polyurea coatings.

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