Global projects

FSP’s project personnel and mobile equipment is always ready to leave to any destination determined by the customer regardless of the time and place. In project sites, surface treatment is performed according to the standard operating procedures and we follow the same high-class qualifications as in our surface treatment shops.

FSP has been a strong partner in project work since its founding. The company started their operations in Neste Oil’s oil refinery building project in 1964 and thus can claim to be a surface treatment pioneer especially in the field of project work.

Offshore surface treatment calls for high level professionals

Offshore services are a special area in FSP’s project business. The humidity of the water area, and the sunny and salty oceanic climate can pose challenges to offshore projects and make the working conditions and requirements very demanding. It is imperative to follow the NORSOK standard in both the working and inspection phases as it is an essential  requirement for the offshore industry. FSP tend to respond to these offshore queries with a number of qualified professionals.

According to our customers’ feedback, we have been able to fulfil their expectations related to delivery reliability and schedules. For several decades we have been phrased for high level of service and product quality, even in the most demanding locations.

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