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We offer inspection and consulting services of surface treatment for industrial sector. With our help our partners can focus on their own core competencies, improve business development and reduce overhead costs.

Our objective is to constantly create new ways of providing and developing surface treatment methods. According to our customers’ feedback this is highly appreciated and one of the cornerstones of the partnership.

We are able to identify needs for improvements by auditing the quality and efficiency of the production. Based on findings we develop existing surface treatment processes. We have skilled team to plan and implement surface treatment greenfield projects.

Engineering services

The Norwegian Professional Council for Education and Certification of Inspectors of Surface Treatment FROSIO has certified the qualifications of the coating inspectors. The qualification requires a sufficient theoretical knowledge of the industry and skills to operate inspection equipment.

FROSIO audits the training bodies and grants qualified inspectors the right to organise training for FROSIO surface inspectors. After completing the training the inspector candidates will take part in a FROSIO examination. Once the exam is passed the candidate may apply for FROSIO inspector proficiency.

There is just over a hundred FROSIO level III qualified inspectors in Finland. FSP employs several FROSIO qualified inspectors.

Whether establishing a new surface treatment unit or renewing existing processes a participation of a responsible project manager is recommended. Latest examples of FSP’s and its subcontractors successful collaborated project management and ramp-up took place in Raisio and Raahe surface treatment units.

Quality control and inspections are a vital part of the surface treatment process  the standard requirements. In conjunction to internal quality control FSP offers its customers and partners quality inspection services.

Internal quality has to remain intact so that we at FSP are able to offer our customers high quality performance and consultation.

Auditing is a vital part when developing quality. Auditing covers the entire production process and monitoring its systems. Processes, procedures and knowledge must be in full compliance with the standards. FPS’s surface treatment expert performs as a consultant and in a way takes on a role of a subcontractor. The projects are planned and overseen from the beginning to the finished product. A comprehensive surface treatment consultation includes for example inspections in addition to planning and overseeing.

FSP offers support in planning and developing of surface treatment units.

Occasionally a need for a change occurs in the processes performed in surface treatment units. FSP is an expert in planning surface treatment and analysing already existing plans. FSP plans new surface treatment units and offers its expertise in maintaining them.

Companies often operate their own paint shops. Unfortunately in many cases the operation is performed without any further expertise or up to date knowledge of the trade. FSP offers customised training and we help our customers to gain the latest skills and insights of the industry. FSP provides training covering every aspect of surface treatment. We offer training regarding inspection methods, surface treatment methods, predicting surface treatment needs and evaluating current surface treatment processes and methods. Our focus group of customers are surface treatment professionals but also specialists of other fields.

FSP offers evaluation and consultation services. Our goal is to help companies to develop and streamline work and the related processes. Our consultation visits include a thorough familiarization of the paint shops current status and mapping out the possible options for production and painting processes. Subsequently the customer will receive a comprehensive summary of the observations and recommendations. Consultation often resembles training, as after a thorough evaluation of the operation it is easier to implement changes and improvements.

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