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Polyurea coating

Fast durability Polyurea coating provides a surface that is very durable against chemical and mechanical stress. The coating has a strong abrasion and scratch resistance. A

Extra resistance polyurea for Cramo

In the fall of 2017, Europe’s leading equipment rental provider Cramo wanted to improve the impact resistant of concrete floors in the company’s central workshop

Special coatings

Appearance and durability Special coatings include various effect coatings, wood imitations, metallic coatings, fire proofing and other coatings. Special coatings provide specific properties such as

Thermal spray coating

Metallic coating method Thermal spray coating is traditionally not considered as painting but as a specific method for surface treatment that results in a surface

Fire proofing

Fire safety with coating Surface treatment that includes fireproofing is performed by spraying fire retardant treatment to the substrate. The fireproofing spray method is also

Floor coating

Extreme durability Floor coating is generally performed with epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea coating. The coating is applied with a spatula, roller or by spraying a thick

ARC coating

Coating for extreme conditions ARC coating offers protection that is substantially superior in comparison to traditional coatings. ARC coatings provide excellent protection against erosion, corrosion,