Samuli Laine-Zamojski, Commercial Director for the FSP Group, broadens his scope with Sweden

The FSP Group is now taking the next step in its European expansion when Samuli Laine-Zamojski takes over as Commercial Director for FSP in Sweden. Samuli has over ten years of experience in successful business development in the Polish market and is now moving to Sweden to support the group’s European expansion.

With FSP Sweden recently becoming part of the FSP Group, the company now has access to new resources, capital, and an international company’s collective strength. The new business structure provides an expanded team, greater business opportunities, and a force that paves the way for continued expansion in Sweden and internationally.

“We at FSP see excellent development potential in Sweden as a market. There is a solid and thriving manufacturing industry where we already collaborate with many global customers. The merger with the FSP group not only strengthens our position in Sweden but will also be an essential part of our future growth in international markets”, Samuli says.

By sharing the group’s strength with the local units, benefits are also provided to the customer
“A strong local presence is essential right now, not least in the aftermath of the pandemic. Material shortages, increased delivery times and financial challenges are commonplace for many manufacturing companies today. One of our main strengths is that we share experiences and work together to solve our customers’ challenges regarding surface treatment flexibly”, Samuli continues 

Samuli looks forward to collaborating with the Swedish team which is continuously optimizing the production line and operational processes. He also looks forward to meeting the customers on-site in Sweden.

“Growth and improvement must be a long-term and holistic process to become sustainable. Many minor improvements give a significant results over time. We are constantly striving to optimize our existing facilities while looking for more companies that see the great benefits of outsourcing their surface treatment. It will be great to meet current and new customers in Sweden to tell them about our solutions. We have succeeded very well in Finland, Poland, and Estonia, and now we will continue to develop the business in Sweden. We are allocating additional resources and reorganizing and strengthening our service offerings. I look forward to being part of the FSP Group’s continued expansion”, Samuli concludes.