Automotive and Defence industry


Hiab’s Raisio factory is focused on the surface treatment and assembly of hooklifts. The company cooperates closely with FSP in both everyday operations and development.


Patria is an international provider of defence, security and aviation life cycle support services, pilot training and technology solutions. Procurement manager of Patria Jarno Kämäräinen: “FSP’s flexibility is first class.”

Sisu Axles

The business of Sisu Axles is power transfer solutions, which practically means axle and pinion systems and pivots with exceptional requirements. Cooperation with FSP has had a smooth start.


The painting operations of Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy's Turku Vahdontie office will be transferred to FSP in its entirety as of January 1, 2020.

Bronto Skylift

Bronto Skylift manufactures access platforms whose main functions are to save lives and protect infrastructure in challenging circumstances. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic access platforms.


The largest customer of FSP’s Iisalmi unit is Normet. We share production facilities and work in close cooperation. It is beneficial for both sides to have processes as smooth as possible.

Energy and Chemical industry


Surface treatment and fireproofing in Porvoo – decades of cooperation with Neste. Neste’s refinery in Kilpilahti, Porvoo is one of europe’s most versatile refineries.


From urethane foam removal to salt control and painting – Borealis’ propene container is renewed. Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers.


The Nordics’ largest liquefied natural gas container in Röyttä, Tornio, located on the shore of Bothnian Bay in Northern Finland boasts height of 50 metres. FSP performed surface treatment on the tank top process module installed on top of the container.

Oulun Energia

The cooperation between FSP and Oulun Energia started a year ago with floor coating, and continued with maintenance painting of conveyor floor supports.

Balticconnector project

Historical offshore-natural gas pipeline across the the gulf of Finland from Paldiski Estonia to Inkoo Finland will be ready for use by the year 2020. FSP was in charge of the surface treatment of Inkoo valve station pipeline.


In summer 2018, the energy company Helen will start using two massive heat pumps 50 meters below Esplanadi in the Centre of Helsinki. During the construction project FSP was responsible for the surface treatment of the heat pump pipeline.

Infrastructure construction

Ageing bridges of Finland

As Finland’s bridge infrastructure is aging, the need for extensive renovations has increased. The renovation of Ounaskoski road-rail bridge was a massive undertaking that was completed in October 2018.

Tampere tramway

Tampere tramway started operating in August 2021. Along its route, there is three kinds of tram posts. They were supplied by Tehomet, while FSP was responsible for their surface treatment. The companies work in close cooperation in Kangasniemi.

Ounaskosken suursilta bridge

Rovaniemi’s Ounaskoski railway and road bridge in northern Finland was opened again for traffic in the beginning of November, after a major renovation that lasted over a year. The nearly 70-year-old bridge received a whole new paint cover, new railings and lighting, the car lane a new asphalt and much more space for cyclists.

Dust free wetblasting

FSP provides various wet blasting services to its clients with its mobile equipment. One of the sites was in Kalasatama in Helsinki, the adhesives in an apartment building’s concrete foundation were cleaned with a wet blaster by FSP.

Pasila Opastinsilta bridge

The Pasila station area in Helsinki is a busy spot: there is tram, car and pedestrian traffic, the mall of Tripla and the Pasila office centre to name a few locations. Despite the bustle, the renovation of Pasila’s Opastinsilta bridge has proceeded well.

REDI Majakka

Majakka, part of the REDI complex in Helsinki’s Kalasatama district, is a 134-metre high landmark. Majakka is Finland’s tallest residential building, first of the eight new tower buildings planned in Kalasatama. FSP has surface treated various steel parts of REDI.

Water treatment plant’s flotation pool

Steel company SSAB’s factory in Raahe, western Finland renovated the durability of the water treatment plant’s flotation pool in November 2018 during rolling mill shutdown. FSP blasted the old paint layer, after which the pool got a new surface that was resistant to wear and moisture.

Lahti city

Tehomet, the Nordics’ largest manufacturer of lighting poles and high masts and FSP work in close co-operation in Kangasniemi under the same roof. The results of the partnership became visible this year in the lightning poles project in the city of Lahti.

Engineering services

New coating line in Raisio

A major investment project and a new coating line is ready for operation. The investment, made jointly with a customer, will double the facility’s surface treatment capacity while making it possibly the most modern paint shop in Finland.

Consultation and comprehensive solutions

”Painting alone is not enough to survive,” says Surface Treatment Specialist Sami Pappinen, bluntly. His work is centred around quality and developing expert services in surface treatment. Sami Pappinen works as FSP's surface treatment expert.

Training and consultation

Training and consulting ensure the customer's expertise in every area of ​​the surface treatment industry. Inspection activities, surface treatment methods, anticipation of surface treatment needs and assessment of current surface treatment processes.

Customer co-operation and innovations

Rauli Yrjänä is responsible for FSP's internal innovation working group. He says that digitalisation is also reflected in the activities of the innovation working group. We are particularly interested in how we can involve our customers in innovation activities, says Yrjänä.

Special coatings


E-coat in surface treatment is steadily growing in popularity. The method has been developed and refined for 50 years. The modern and automated e-coat has first-class resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion.

Surface treatment and fireproofing

Neste’s refinery in Kilpilahti, Porvoo is one of Europe’s most versatile refineries. FSP has operated in the Kilpilahti area for decades in co-operation with Neste.

Noise damp rubber coating

The properties of the Noise damp rubber coating include the ability to dampen sound and mechanical vibration. The rubber coating is suitable for a wide range of materials both indoors and outdoors.

Dust free wetblasting

FSP provides various wet blasting services to its clients with its mobile equipment. One of the sites was in Kalasatama in Helsinki, the adhesives in an apartment building’s concrete foundation were cleaned with a wet blaster by FSP.

Fire proofing

Fire protection by surface treatment is done by spraying fire protection paint on the surface of the part to be protected. Fire protection by spraying is the so-called passive fire protection to prevent the spread of fire.

Polyurea coated thickening pools

Terrafame, a fast-growing multi-metal company, manufactures nickel, zinc, cobalt and copper for the global market. For a couple of years now, it has been utilizing FSP's versatile surface treatment expertise in the area of ​​the Sotkamo mine's metal plant.

Floor Coating

Cramo, Europe's leading provider of machine and equipment rental services, improved the wear resistance of the concrete floor of its Tuusula central repair shop with impact-resistant polyurea coating.

Thermal spray coating

FSP has implemented a large thermal spraying project at its surface treatment plant in Pori, Finland. The targets were 132 steel segments, which after assembly were exported to Norway, the North Sea as part of the foundations of windmills.

Plascoat coating

The Plascoat surface is durable and safe – and can also help fight corona. One of the important properties of Plascoat coating is its antimicrobial properties – which is why the popularity of this coating is growing.

Plascoat treatment

Plascoat has the same application method as powder coating, but it produces a thicker, permanent film. The Plascoat surface is also thermoplastic and feels different from the powder coated surface.

Special effect coating

The effect coating gives the product an unusual appearance or desired property. The object can be, for example, a lamppost with a birch surface that looks like wood.

Polyurea coating

Polyurea is a very durable and long-lasting material. The polyurea-coated object is completely seamless and can withstand the sun's UV radiation, all kinds of weather conditions, very high mechanical stress, as well as a wide range of chemicals.

Food industry

FSP carried out the coating of the molasses tank for Finnish Sugar in accordance with FDA regulations, ie food-approved coating. The FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, which is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Polyurea coated brick wall

Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt Oy renovated the interior walls of the hall building located in the Seaside Industry Park Rauma industrial park. It selected FSP as the contractor for the coating work, which used a highly durable polyurea as a coating.

ARC coating

FSP's Lappeenranta surface treatment plant carried out several ARC coatings for Outotec's Filters unit. The targets were pressure filters for the mining and chemical industries.

Technology and solutions / IoT

AIVOT application

FSP's AIVOT application serves as a tool for production optimization, management, monitoring and reporting. In the future, the technology provided by the AIVOT application can be utilized not only in surface treatment but also in other industries.

IoT solutions

Automation is revamping the surface treatment industry and leveraging the customer to get valuable and accurate information about the surface treatment process. In an automated paint shop, the processes are based on a logic-controlled, modern system.