Raisio employees are content – long careers and nice colleagues

How has painting changed over the decades? What is there still to learn for an old hand? How is FSP as an employer? Three employees from Raisio discuss their jobs.


Esko Ritolehto is an experienced painting professional. He started working in 1982 and joined FSP in 2005 as an “old employee” in a subcontracting arrangement. Ritolehto has worked at the Raisio facility since 2009, and before FSP he used to work at the shipyard.

– My current job description includes for example helping with the hanging of workpieces, Esko Ritolehto describes his work. 

He says that working in shifts is sometimes tiring, but otherwise he enjoys his daily routines.

– They treat you fairly in here, everybody are treated equally, Ritolehto praises.

Painting work has changed since the 1980s.

– It was always cold at the shipyard, although they tried to improve it. It’s much easier here at the paint shop, Ritolehto says. 

In addition to the conditions, legislation has also changed along the years.

– Nowadays it’s very strict with the protective equipment, for example, which is good. We also have such a working culture, starting from the employer, that we pay attention to details.

Esko Ritolehto


Rami Laito is also an old hand in the business and at FSP. He has painted with spray and roller at FSP for
almost 23 years, eight of which at the Raisio facility.

He, too, has been working earlier at the shipyard.

Even after a long career, there are still new things to learn. 

– Fortunately, we always get to work on new kinds of projects and use different paints. Paint factories have different paint types, and each time we use a new paint we need to get to know it first. 

Laito laughs that FSP obviously “isn’t all that bad”, as he has stayed with the same company for so long.

– We have had our good times but also some setbacks, of course, but in the end we have always managed. It’s a big and trustworthy company.

Laito also gives praise to his co-workers.

– I have good friends at the paint shop. We share our work practices, sense of humour and stories. It is always nice to come to work. 

Rami Laito


Sami Nieminen graduated as Surface Treatment Specialist in 1997 and has worked ever since. He joined FSP in 2005 and has worked in Raisio for about ten years. At the moment, Nieminen is mainly focused on spray coating, but, when needed, can step in to help with the displacement of workpieces from the line and their partial finalization.

Nieminen says that he has nothing to complain about in his work or employer, although he has had his share of the strenuous shift work.

– This is a stable job and I like it here. I don’t believe it could get any better than this anywhere else in the industry.

Sami Nieminen