Project work balances resoursing and brings variety to work

FSP’s employees are encouraged to work temporarily in other units or take part in project work. The variation is useful and refreshing for both the company and the employee.

– It is good to see that our people have been motivated to switch between production facilities and projects, says Joni Siironen, Sales Manager in FSP’s Northern Finland business unit. 

– This summer we had many people from our Iisalmi facility doing project work all around the northern part of Finland.

In the Iisalmi unit, leaving for project work became possible for some of the personnel because the summer period was more quiet than normally.

– It makes organizing work and balancing human resources so much easier when people are able to work elsewhere than just their regular unit, Siironen says.


One of the “temporary workers” last summer was Risto Rautiainen, a warehouseman and pretreatment professional from the Iisalmi unit, who worked in Boliden’s industrial area in Kokkola for three weeks.

This project work spared Rautiainen from being temporarily laid off and was also a new kind of work experience.

– The company took care of an apartment and other arrangements, Rautiainen says.

He thinks that a few weeks’ temporary assignment was an interesting way to get a glimpse of project work.

– The time in Kokkola was memorable and left me with fond memories to look back on. This is largely owing to the co-workers and our excellent manager who was great company both at work and on our spare time, Rautiainen praises.

He is ready to do temporary project work in the future as well, if the situation permits.

– It was overall a positive experience.

Joni Siironen confirms that the experience was also positive from the employer’s perspective.

– We have wanted to help the people involved in temporary project work as much as possible. Besides the work projects themselves, we have organized accommodation, car and other necessary things, he explains.

Siironen has gotten positive feedback from project workers but also from customer companies.

– Project work has been done with flexible hours and adjusting to the customer’s operations. Customers have told us that projects have been carried out spotlessly, and the employees have also been happy with the variety and learning new things.