Production engineer with a passion for teamwork

As a Project Development Manager at FSP in Poland, Rafał Sosiński has 15+ years of experience in surface treatment. He collaborates with colleagues and clients to find the best possible solution in every surface treatment case. At FSP, Rafal fulfills his potential, using all his skillset and expertise.

“My passion is technology that can optimize production efficiency and minimize climate impact. I am spurred on by challenges and finding new solutions, something that is part of my daily work.”, Rafał says.

FSP is a trusted surface treatment partner to manufacturers of metal components and products in several industries. Every assignment starts with evaluating a possible partnership. By working closely with the customer’s engineers, Rafał’s team investigates different solutions to match quality and process requirements. This might include creating a perfect surface on a tricky product detail or finding a unique combination of treatment techniques.

“We work together with climate and efficiency in mind, even if it is a complex challenge for us to take on. FSP has the strength to help clients optimize production. Our accumulated experience can make a difference to the customer’s productivity.”

The initial work with process optimization and pilot projects significantly impacts the future workflow. Every detail matters when production is at full speed. Surface protection is a key factor in the product’s lifespan. Maintaining impeccable quality in every detail is ensured by supervising the process parameters and performing regular checks and controls. These routines are Rafał’s priority in managing the paint shop laboratory team.

“One of our key success factors in continually delivering at high speed with top quality is constantly looking to optimize the workflow. We are following extensive quality routines, which also include random spot-checks.”

The combination of customer-oriented projects, together with daily production supervision and management, makes FSP a stimulating workplace for Rafał.

“All work days are different, and I meet many highly skilled people in my work. This means I am constantly learning from clients and colleagues. I enjoy the positive culture at FSP that allows people to grow.” Rafał concludes.