Registry description

Data file description specified in section 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)

Data Controller

FSP For Surface Protection Oy (Business ID: 1708912-8)
Kalliosolantie 3
FI-01740 Vantaa

Person responsible for register-related matters

Marja-Liisa Pyysalo
+358 400 728 235

Name of register

Customer register of FSP For Surface Protection Ltd

Reason for maintaining the register

Consent of registered person and/or section 19, subsection 1, paragraph 3 of the Personal Data Act

Purpose of the register

FSP For Surface Protection Ltd and other companies belonging to the same group (hereinafter referred to collectively as FSP) have the right to use the data contained in the register for direct advertising, distance marketing or other direct marketing purposes as well as for opinion or marketing surveys or other comparable addressed communications and targeting these within the limits specified by law. Marketing activities may also concern the products or services of FSP’s partners. Registered persons have the right to revoke consent for direct marketing targeted at them.

Data contained in the register

The register may contain the following types of information on FSP’s corporate customer prospects:
• The information of a customer’s contact person (name, address, phone number, email address, and function and title in the company)
• The information concerning a possible customer or transaction history, including correspondence and information concerning tenders, orders and contracts
• Additional information given by the registered person or otherwise collected with his or her consent (such as the professional interests of the registered person)
• Information on the registered person compiled from the information contained in the register and relevant to the purpose of the register
• Direct marketing permits and prohibitions

Source of the information contained in the register

Personal data can be collected and updated from public sources, such as company websites, other registers maintained by FSP, the company register, and other registers maintained by third parties. Personal information can also be collected directly from the registered person e.g. during registration to FSP’s services or otherwise with the consent of the registered person (such as using cookies).

Disclosure of information
FSP may disclose information contained in the register within the limits and obligations specified by law. Due to the technical or operative aspects of data processing, some of the data may be housed by FSP’s subcontractors, or data may be otherwise processed using a technical access link. FSP may also use subcontractors when processing the data. The data can be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. FSP will, including in the latter case, ensure that the data is adequately protected as specified by law.

Confidentiality of the register

All FSP personnel and other persons acting on behalf of FSP are bound by the obligation of professional secrecy with regard to all personal data contained in the register. Use of the register is protected by user-specific login details, passwords and user licenses.

Right to information

As specified in section 26 of the Personal Data Act, registered persons have the right to know which data concerning them is contained in the register. Requests for information must be sent signed and in writing to the following address:

FSP For Surface Protection Ltd
Kalliosolantie 3
FI-01740 Vantaa

Requests for information must specify that they concern the register data contained in the corporate customers’ marketing register of FSP For Surface Protection Ltd.