Polyurea makes an extremely durable tank roof in Kilpilahti

During fall 2018, FSP completed a project where the roof of a sour water tank received a surface treatment at the Kilpilahti refinery in Southern Finland. The used coating was an extremely durable polyurea.

Polyurea became the number one choice because of its effective density, insulation and durability. It is also extremely fast to install compared to sheet metal plating.

Polyurea hardens quickly, which speeds up the project. The strengths of the method also include seamlessness and excellent resistance to water. The tank has a diameter of 14 metres, and it is 18 metres high.

The coating was placed on the roof on the steel surface and hard wool insulation. Polyurea is suitable for almost all surfaces and adheres to many surfaces like concrete, brick and wool, still leaving a smooth surface. 

During the last year, FSP has completed several surface treatment projects where polyurea has been utilised. The method has been used in surface treat- ment of the Cramo central workshop concrete floor, a floor of the maintenance van and the inner walls of the Seaside Industry Park Rauma hall. FSP has also worked in the Terrafame industrial area with the thickening tanks that are subjected to continuous chemical and mechanical stress.