Polyurea – A strong insulator for the walls of Rauma’s Seaside Industry Park

In early 2018, Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt Oy renovated the surfaces of the inner walls of a warehouse in the city’s seaside industrial park. FSP was chosen to carry out the surface treatment work, using polyurea as an extremely durable coating material.

Project Manager Mikko Tapani of Rauman Meriteolli- suuskiinteistöt Oy, located in Western Finland, says that working with FSP was a smooth experience.

”Our experience was positive, as the quality of the work met our expectations and the agreed schedule was respected,” he recounts.

The worksite was located in one of the Industry Park’s buildings, where Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt was looking to improve the dust insulation between the hall and the offices.

The surface treatment was carried out on the hall side of a wall dividing these two areas.
“Among other activities, the hall is used for maritime industry profile cutting, which results in steel dust. We wanted to make sure that this dust and other problematic materials do not penetrate into the offices through the structures of the wall. This protects employees in the offices from possible nuisances and hazards,” Tapani explains.


The project was challenging from the point of view of dust insulation, because the wall separating the of- fices from the hall is principally made of brick, and its wooden section required added fire insulation. The surface treatment work was for this reason carried out on a cleaned brick surface and over hard insulating wool. One of the key advantages of polyurea is its suitability for almost any surface.

The criteria for a business partner were strict, as the Industry Park serves a number of leading companies in the maritime industry and offers them an efficient operating environment.

“We chose FSP as our surface treatment partner due to their experience of polyurea coatings. Our decision was made easier by the fact that we were familiar with FSP as a locally active company, whose bid for the contract was also very competitive,” says Tapani.

“Polyurea became our first choice thanks to its insulating properties, wear resistance and cleanability. The coating also absorbs sound. What is more, it sticks to all surfaces, including brick and wool, leaving an uniform and seamless surface.”

“We also highly appreciated the professionalism of FSP’s surface treatment personnel. The Kuusisto brothers along with supervisor Kari Holm were committed to the successful completion of the project.”

The coated surface spanned 900 square metres, and due to the height of the wall, the surface treatment work was carried out with the help of a personnel lift, just like the relevant safety regulations require.


  • Manages, coordinates and develops the Rau- ma Seaside Industry Park in Western Finland
  • Rents out the park’s premises and equipment, and is responsible for their maintenance
  • Provides common services to companies operating in the park
  • A logistically excellent location: On the sea- side, near the harbour, can be reached both by road and rail
  • Offers companies exceptional competitive advantages