Plascoat is durable and safe – and it can help fight the coronavirus

Where can flu bacteria be found? How long do germs live on door handles and other surfaces? What does industrial surface treatment have to do with these issues?

A lot about the spread of diseases has been discussed lately. However, few considered that surface treatment can affect how clean, i.e., safe, or dirty, a contagious surface is. One important feature available for Plascoat is its antibacterial properties – this is why the popularity of this coating is constantly increasing. The coating is very familiar to FSP.

Trains have Plascoat handles

Plascoat is a powder coating, which is spread with a powder coating technique and provides a thick and highly durable film.

Plascoat is a British paint supplier, and its products are antibacterial, colourfast and corrosion resistant. In Great Britain, the use of their products is legally required in the safety painting of the Government’s offices. This is particularly based on the fact that a surface is obtained for the product, which has a good grip and warm feel, and the surface can also be painted with attention colours. Therefore, Plascoat significantly improves safety and accessibility. Its applications include, for example, various rails and handles, desk, and shelf surfaces as well as outdoor equipment, such as children’s climbing frames and bicycle racks, including e.g., the components of wheelchairs.

FSP has used Plascoat to coat, for example, VR’s handles. VR has approximately twenty different handle types, and there have been approximately 15,000 handles to be surface treated. Plascoat was chosen when a durable, hygienic, and clear surface coat was needed, which would stand out as well as possible in its environment.

The durable and diverse Plascoat is also suitable for challenging conditions, in a particularly high environmental corrosivity category. It is used in, e.g., oil or gas pipelines, as well as in the urban environment, where the surface must withstand a lot of wear and tear from climate variations to exhaust fumes and dog urine, and it must be easy to clean up as a result of graffiti paintings. In addition to rails and handles, the everyday coating can be found, also for example, light bollards and outdoor benches. We work in close collaboration with the bollard manufacturer in Kangasniemi. For example, Plascoat-coated bollards shall be used for the tramway route being constructed in Tampere.

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