Personnel is the most important resource in FSP’s strategy

By far the most important resource, competitive advantage and growth factor of our business is our skilled and motivated team that is committed to the values and operating procedures of the workplace.

As experts in their own field, they know best what works and what does not. We value insights gained in everyday operations and encourage our clients to share their ideas for the common good as well.

FSP is indeed known as a good and reliable employer that offers long-term career prospects. We invest continuously in the well-being of our staff and the development of their competences and career. We pay particular attention to occupational safety, which is not subject to compromise during any stage of the work.

Our value pledge

We want to be the most diverse, appreciated, and trusted partner in our industry now and in the future. Also hold this reputation for years to come.

FSP’s long-term experience, professional personnel, certified, client-oriented, and participatory management system, as well as a broad network of experts and partners ensure that the quality of our work is always up to even the tightest standards.

High quality work also means cost savings – the better the surface treatment is, the lower the service and maintenance costs of the product will be.

Profitable growth leads to global leadership

FSP For Surface Protection Oy is among one of the leading industrial surface treatment companies in Europe, and our goal is to become the largest outsourced surface treatment service partner in the world in our field.

Profitable growth is based on careful planning, making the right decisions, and managing operations well. In addition to creating and maintaining client relations, we are always thinking about how to improve our own operations – is there a way for us to generate additional value and costs savings for our customers too? We are continuously improving our services and practices and standardising them for easy implementation and utilisation everywhere.

Our way of working

Our company incorporates a strong culture and way of working that involves the personnel, which we have crystallised into three primary categories: We work Smart, We keep our Promises and We take care of Customers.