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FSP is one of the leading companies in the surface treatment industry in Europe, and aims to become the largest outsourced coating service partner in the world. We have decades of experience in sharing responsibility with international multi-unit companies, which shows that we are a reliable partner also on a global level.

We integrate seamlessly with production processes and supply chains by managing the surface treatment processes in your company. We adapt to your company’s changing needs and our goal is always to improve the collaboration.

We offer extensive expertise in the surface treatment industry together with the latest technologies and procedures. In addition, we offer expert services, such as IoT solutions and consulting, added value services to streamline procedures, and an option for joint investments.

The goal of our cooperation is to provide smooth operations, develop production processes and cost efficiency, ensure the highest quality of both products and services, thereby increasing competitiveness – for both parties.

FSP’s certified management systems, effective production operating procedures and processes, and our environmental goals to reduce VOC emissions and carbon emissions apply to all our units in every country we are present in.

With FSP’s professional and dedicated staff, delivery reliability and high quality of products and operations, you can focus on your company’s core competencies.

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