Normet enhances effectiveness and quality with FSP’s in-house paint-shop concept.

In the image from the left: Jani Myllys, Business Unit Manager, FSP; Jarkko Korhonen, Director of Production at Normet; Susanna von Becker, Sourcing Specialist at Normet; Pasi Koskinen, Supervisor, FSP.

To spearhead technical development and streamline production, technology company Normet cooperates with FSP to integrate surface protection in its production processes. A long-term partnership creating value since 2001.

Normet manufactures underground equipment and applications and provides aftermarket services, construction chemicals, rock support equipment, and expertise. The company offers a complete range of equipment services and acts as an expert partner throughout the entire customer process, whether it be for choice of products, technical advice, extensive support, problem-solving, and training. In underground environments, there is no room for error. Safety is a top priority. In Normet’s equipment manufacturing facility in Iisalmi, Finland, FSP has an integrated in-house solution for surface treatment.

The production is optimized in every aspect to meet the high demands, including surface treatment. In rough underground conditions, corrosion resistance and painting must be resilient and durable.

“Our vehicles operate in harsh conditions, and excellent surface treatment protection plays a central role in the longevity and safety of the machines”, Jarkko Korhonen, Director of Production at Normet, says. 

In close collaboration with Pasi Koskinen, Supervisor, and Jani Myllys, Business Unit Manager, from FSP, Jarkko leads his team and the factory facility in Iisalmi.

“Our success factors are frequent meetings and clear communication. Working together creates advantages for both parties as we continue finding solutions and improvements,” Jarkko says.

“The most significant advantage of our cooperation is that we can concentrate on our core business, and rest assured, FSP excels in surface protection”, says Susanna von Becker, Sourcing Specialist at Normet.

Further advantages of the in-house partnership are mutual and shared visions where both parties strive to take the lead to deliver the highest quality mining vehicles for the customers.

“The difference between a regular supplier of surface treatment and an in-house partnership is that FSP is an integrated part of the production. We do not need logistic partners to send parts; we can focus on optimizing production flow in-house with a seamless flow of parts and working tasks”, Susanna continues.

After sandblasting and painting the frames for the vehicles, FSP also performs labeling and finish. Pasi focuses on continuous process optimization in the paint shop, using strategies from his certificate in lean production. 

“Improvement lies in the details. I am passionate about making small changes in how we work that positively impact the team and upgrade the end quality of the product”, Pasi says.

Research and development are essential to continued growth and to meet the demands of tomorrow. Normet’s quality team works on joint projects with members from FSP’s excellence teams. Increased sustainability and streamlined production flow are key focus areas. 

“We have recently succeeded in finding alternative painting systems targeting to shorter drying time and a softer footprint in reduced energy consumption,” Jani says.

Normet and FSP share the vision of constantly improving sustainability and investing in areas to improve as demands continue to increase.

“Partners and suppliers need to grow with us. With the right partner willing to improve their processes, be efficient, and a part of development makes outsourcing a long-term and efficient solution”, Susanna says.

“Safety remains the primary focus as we strive for a softer footprint and higher quality. We look forward to continuing to sharpen our offer and develop sustainable solutions together with FSP”, Jarkko concludes.