Long and extensive experience from the energy industry

FSP has always had clients from the energy industry. This experience is useful in the business with varied work descriptions and strict quality requirements. 

 – When I joined FSP in 1995, we were making surface treatment for the power plant of the Raahe steel mill, says Timo Eskelinen. He is the Supervisor at FSP Raahe, managing projects especially in Northern Finland. – We have a long experience from the energy industry.  

Eskelinen has been involved in many jobs and projects in the energy sector. 

– We have lately had cooperation with Oulun Energia, for example. We have treated pipelines and water chambers at the SSAB power plant and made smaller cone filter and impeller works at the Eastern Finland power plant.   

– Along the years, FSP has treated everything from pipelines to small parts both in Finland and abroad. We have painted in nuclear and water power plants in Sweden. 


Careful quality control is always important. In energy sector projects, however, it is especially critical to adhere to them strictly. 

–Shutdowns can be very expensive and may affect a lot of things negatively, Timo Eskelinen says.  

FSP’s extensive experience on the energy sector makes working smoother and helps deliver reliable results.  

– I believe that our experience brings extra value to our work in the industry. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but can build on our experience and expertise, Eskelinen says.  

If the necessary information cannot be found within the team, it will be available in other FSP units. Eskelinen says that different units are willing to consult and support each other.  

– We have a strong organization with a lot of knowhow.