Jaakko Saari, our Production Manager from Turku, likes factory work

The newly appointed Production Manager of the Turku surface treatment unit has long experience from managerial duties in the manufacturing industry. Jaakko Saari’s career in FSP began in exceptional circumstances, but he is still happy to once again get to work in a factory environment.

– When I was considering changing jobs, I was drawn to factory work, Saari says.

In the beginning of 2020, little did anyone know how severely a global pandemic would transform our ways of working. Both the health of employees and securing production are now extremely important, which means that the Turku facilities cannot admit any outside visitors at the moment. Before lockdown, Saari only had one chance to visit FSP’s headquarters.

– The work is quite solitary at the moment, but we have a good, professional team. Help is always available when needed, Saari praises.

As the favourite things in his work, Jaakko Saari names the highly expert work community and challenging job description.

– In production, circumstances are changing all the time. Especially in finalization the amount of work can vary a lot and sometimes plans need to be revised quickly, Saari says.

Jaakko Saari’s responsibilities include ensuring that the shot blasting and parts coating of the mining machine steel structures of Sandvik, the largest customer of the Turku unit, are delivered as agreed, as well as the finalizing work of machines coming out of production. Both parties have been content with the cooperation.

Saari is 39 years old, with a family of wife and two daughters. Saari plays ice hockey two or three times a week and also takes part in Sandvik personnel’s ice hall shift. Other hobbies include cars, motorcycles and renovation.