Innovation: Durable metal surface with a wooden appearance

FSP offers its clients a wooden appearance for metal surfaces. The surface can be almost any metal surface that can be powder coated.

The product is an effective coating that gives the surface an unusual appearance or a desired property. The surface can for example be a lamppost with a birch-like appearance.

The development of the method was initiated by clients’ wishes, and now orders are being transferred into production at the Kangasniemi surface treatment plant in Central Finland.

A special benefit of the method is its visual aspect that is important in many public spaces where a lot of people visit. The method can be used to create different designs for metal structured furniture. If you can imagine it, it can be made.

The coating is resistant to corrosion and mostly to UV radiation. The coated products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The visual aspect of the method offers ecological harmony and a wooden appearance. There is a selection of different wooden appearances, and the product is not only visual but also very durable and resistant to mechanical strain.