HIAB and FSP enter into agreement on the transfer of surface treatment functions in Poland

Hiab, part of Cargotec, and FSP For Surface Protection Ltd have reached an agreement about the surface treatment operations in Hiab’s Stargard multi-assembly unit in Poland as of April 2021. Following the partnership FSP will provide Hiab Poland the surface treatment services and the expertise in development techniques.

The surface treatment operation in Hiab’s Stargard multi-assembly unit and its associated professionals will transfer to FSP under their current employment conditions. The purpose of the agreement is to intensify the cooperation between Hiab and FSP so that the parties can focus on their own core competencies and improve business development.

For several years, FSP has been responsible for the surface treatment of Hiab’s MULTILIFT products in Finland. We have had an intense collaboration and established joint investments with Hiab. FSP is seeking international growth. ‘Thus, intensifying the collaboration further with Hiab was an anticipated consequence’, said FSP’s Chief Executive Officer Jarno Huttunen.

The new partnership will ensure Hiab continues with the latest in desired processes and technology. The facilities are equipped with a modern, cutting edge anti-corrosion treatment production line with an option for e-coating. The number of our personnel in Poland now consists of over a hundred professionals. These factors will provide us with more prospects in the future and enhance our resilience. This of course upgrades FSP’s service level in Poland, Huttunen continued. The multi-assembly unit is in the city of Stargard, in Poland. 


Hiab is a part of Cargotec Corporation. Cargotec enables smarter cargo flow for a better everyday with its leading cargo handling solutions and services. Hiab is the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment, intelligent services, smart and connected solutions.

FSP has been Hiab’s business associate for several years. FSP’s role as Hiab’s surface treatment expert partner is to create added value. We believe that FSP continues to respond to our demands in both delivery accuracy and quality, said Hiab’s Barry McGrane – Senior Vice President of LM Loader Cranes

Together we will continue to increase our competitive advantage in the fields of quality and technological leadership. The objective is to improve the efficiency, innovation, reliability of the surface treatment operations in the short and long term and we look forward to strengthening the partnership between both businesses,” Barry McGrane  continues.