HIAB and FSP collaborating in Poland – We are ready to expand to global markets

Hiab and FSP For Surface Protection LTD have reached an agreement over the surface treatment operations in Hiab’s Stargard multi-assembly unit in Poland as of April 2021. The acquisition will strengthen FSP’s position in the European markets. Following the partnership, FSP will provide Hiab Poland the surface treatment services and the expertise in development techniques. FSP operates now three surface treatment units in Poland.

Part of FSP’s strategic planning is to enter the international markets. The company’s main objective is to create competitive advantage and to improve its operational requirements in the surface treatment business. FSP has set a target to develop the surface treatment technology for the benefit of its customers and the entire surface treatment industry.

The new agreement enables both Hiab and FSP to intensify cooperation so that the parties can focus on their core competencies and improve business development. Both companies now have the opportunity to expand the development cooperation and increase joint innovations.

As FSP is seeking growth and brand recognition in the global markets, having an international and experienced partner supports these goals. FSP and Hiab have been collaborating previously for several years both in Finland and other countries.

Poland has secured a leading position as a base for manufacturing industry

Polish economy is one of Europe’s least affected amid the COVID-19 pandemic and it is expected to recover fast. Poland is considered as one of the most dynamic centers for manufacturing industry in Europe. The country’s markets offer a wide range of possibilities in both business and innovations.

Poland has an excellent geographical location and well-educated workforce. Also Poland’s flexible labor market makes the country even more attractive for foreign investors.

FSP’s recent acquisition in Poland with the latest technology and competent personnel will increase the company’s future prospects.

–The number of our personnel in Poland has grown to just over 100 employees. FSP’s customer service standard is upgraded and we are now more adaptable as an operator in the surface treatment business, says FSP’s Chief Executive Officer Jarno Huttunen.

The Hiab personnel in the Stargard unit transferred into FSP’s service under their current employment conditions on June 1st 2021.

FSP has already established some experience as a global entrepreneur. The company has built a comprehensive understanding of the foreign market.

FSP has operated in Poland for the last decade and the latest acquisition is yet another step towards an international expansion.

– The surface treatment industry is known for its fragmented market and it is often operated locally by smaller business owners. This acquisition helps FSP form an internationally established role and it increases the company’s European market share, Huttunen explains.

FSP presents an image of a full scale operator in the surface treatment industry

The collaboration between FSP and Hiab creates competitive advantage in the surface treatment business in respect of high quality and technological leadership.

– At the Stargard unit FSP benefits substantially from the latest technology available. One of these technologies is e-coating which is a long- awaited investment for FSP. The collaboration with Hiab offers compelling prospects to develop the effectiveness and innovativeness of the surface treatment procedures, Huttunen says.

FSP has a thorough understanding of the quality and environmental criteria in both domestic and European field. Environmental and climate change issues are a solid part of FSP’s strategic planning.

FSP is actively seeking solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of surface treatment procedures. E-coating is a good example of a carbon neutral method. As the chemicals used in the process are water-soluble does not cause any VOC emissions. The e-coating method produces virtually no waste thus the carbon footprint remains low.

– FSP’s objective is to offer clients services utilizing the latest technologies and innovations in a sustainable manner. Our ultimate goal is to present a strong image of a full scale operator in the surface treatment industry. To achieve that we are ready to expand internationally, concludes Huttunen.


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