Heading towards carbon neutral surface treatment – first in the world

Quality control at FSP's plant in Stargard

FSP For Surface Protection Ltd, an international provider of industrial surface treatment solutions, has set an environmental goal to be carbon neutral in its own production by the end of 2023. This is a tough target. However, FSP took up the challenge, reportedly becoming the first surface treatment company in the world to do so.

To achieve carbon neutrality, FSP analysed the carbon emissions of its surface treatment plants on a unit-by-unit basis for 2021. The analysis took into account the energy consumption of production processes, machinery and equipment. Emissions from premises and vehicles were also analysed. According to the study, the carbon footprint of the FSP (GHG Protocol, scope 1-2) in 2021 was 6 430 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (t CO2e).

The contributions varied from country to country, but the main sources of emissions from total activities were electricity consumption (63%) and stationary combustion (29%). The challenge is that the company has production sites in several countries and operates them as part of customers’ processes, so the ability to influence emissions is not always straightforward.

However, the company’s commitment to the target is made easier by the fact that it has been working for a long time to reduce its carbon footprint, for example through material selection, optimisation of production processes and electricity consumption. The company is also working with customers and paint manufacturers to develop paints that meet both durability and environmental challenges even better.

To achieve carbon neutrality by the target date, the company will compensate its remaining emissions with certified emission reductions.

– A large number of our customers have set carbon reduction targets for their operations and many of them are aiming for carbon neutrality. Our work supports their targets and at the same time acts as our own market leader,” says Jarno Huttunen, CEO of FSP.

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FSP For Surface Protection Ltd is one of Europe’s leading industrial surface treatment companies. The company employs more than 300 professionals in Europe. In 2022, FSP will have a turnover of around €26 M.