Head of Southwest Finland Business Unit Juha Granholm: ”This business always gives new opportunities”

Good colleagues, a new and modern coating line, varied job description. There are many things that make work meaningful for Juha Granholm, Head of FSP’s Southwest Finland business unit. He thinks that being successful in surface treatment requires flexibility.

Juha Granholm started working at FSP in 2006 as a site engineer at the Rauma shipyard. He soon advanced to manage the shipyard, then became responsible for the shipyards and projects business area. In 2018, he was appointed Head of business unit, with a varied job description.

– My daily work includes a lot of communication and cooperation with customers. I also do some offer calculation and production-related tasks, Granholm says.

The situation in Southwest Finland is looking positive.

– We have large customers and interesting companies here. The area is good for us.

The Southwest Finland business unit currently has around 60 employees. 


At the time of the interview, the new coating line at the Raisio surface treatment facility was being finalized for test runs and, soon, production. Juha Granholm says that the new line is a response to a need for increased capacity.

– Last year alone, we produced almost 4300 Hiab’s Multilift machines here in Raisio. FSP is responsible for the surface treatment and taping as well as protection instalment and packaging of hooklifts. During our cooperation, the old coating line has repeatedly been optimized and simulated. Finally, we decided to make a joint investment to ensure extra capacity, Granholm explains the history behind the new line.

In addition to extra capacity for the Raisio facility, the new investment brought modern solutions, utilizing the latest technology in the field. Still, Granholm thinks that the key to success in the business is flexibility. And FSP is good in it.

– Being flexible is always important for our customers. We also have great flexibility amongst colleagues. When necessary, we can move surface treatment work to other units, and our employees are also used to working outside their own unit when needed.


In order to develop surface treatment methods and processes, knowledge is required beyond just surface treatment.

– Yes, I am also occupied by other things than just painting, Juha Granholm laughs.

He is a certified FROSIO inspector and does inspections from time to time. On the other hand, he is currently occupied with information technology. FSP’s IoT pilot projects are ongoing, and Granholm has an active role in development and customer meetings.

– We want to remain open and invest in cooperation with customers. For example, if a new system is needed, it is not always practical for both companies to acquire it. We are always willing to discuss alternatives.

For Juha Granholm, the best thing about his work, and the business in general, is its variety.

– There is always something new to develop and new possibilities in paints and painting systems. IoT will bring us real-time process monitoring and measurement data. We are also closely following the development of robotics, he says. – Moreover, FSP supports its employees. A group is just heading out to a FROSIO course, and we are also developing our rewarding systems.

Granholm, who lives in Ulvila, enjoys his spare time at his summer cottage.

– I also go to the gym and often take the family swimming, says the father of two.


Juha Granholm
Head of Business Unit
+358 45 657 8019 

• Electrical and Automation Engineer, FROSIO inspector (level 3), also completed a Specialist Qualification in Technology

• Working at FSP since 2006, for example at Rauma shipyard as site engineer, then managing the shipyard surface treatment operations, and as Head of Southwest Finland business unit since 2018.

• 41 years old, living in Ulvila with his wife and two children.

• Hobbies include summer cottage, fishing, gym training and swimming with the family.