FSP is a strategic business partner for Hiab in Raisio.

Hiab’s Raisio factory is focused on the surface treatment and assembly of hooklifts. The company cooperates closely with FSP in both everyday operations and development.

Hiab is part of Cargotec, along with Kalmar and McGregor. Cargotec provides equipment for intelligent cargo handling. In Raisio, Hiab is specialized in hooklifts and skiploaders. High quality surface treatment is an integral part of assembly.

FSP is responsible for the entire surface treatment process in Raisio.

– In practice, this means that FSP’s process is followed directly by Hiab’s own assembly process, and our production lines and management systems are connected, Esa Korolainen, Director of Operations, says.

In close cooperation, Hiab and FSP evaluate different coating systems to improve the quality of surface treatment for demanding environments and conditions.

– Our products are constantly subjected to de-icing salt, which poses a tough challenge for the durability of surface treatment. Further challenges are added by the products that are being handled with our equipment, Korolainen says.

FSP is integrated into the internal production management system. This ensures that the right surface-treated product is in the right place at the right time, fulfilling the required quality standards.

Korolainen is pleased with the cooperation.

– FSP’s strength is their ability to integrate into the customer’s operational environment, adhering to the special needs of different industries and companies and adapting their own operations to match them.

Consequently, cooperation with FSP is profound and diverse. 

– FSP is a specialist with whom we have completely integrated our operative processes. We also work together on our future objectives and production development actions. For us, FSP is more than a mere surface treatment provider: they are a strategic partner in our business development, Korolainen sums up the relationship.

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