FSP expands in Poland with a new facility dedicated to the automotive industry.

FSP For Surface Protection, has made a strategic decision to expand with a new facility dedicated to the automotive industry. The site has a fully automated line using a waterborne paint system which is more sustainable than solvent based ones.

The line was effectively installed and tested in 2022, and the first pilot projects have passed customer approval and production has begun. The new site has approximately 20 employees, including automotive specialists.

A smooth workflow and high precision are two of many advantages of the fully automated surface protection line, which is dimensioned to paint hundreds of thousands of pieces annually.

“This line represents the latest technology in the area. It significantly increases our flexibility. We can deliver just in time and meet the extremely high demands from clients within the automotive industry,” Jarno Huttunen, CEO of FSP, says.

FSP is looking forward to exploring new possibilities in the automotive industry, in Poland and other footprint areas.

“We are committed to work hard to meet the automotive industrial standards and are looking forward to the new possibilities this opens up,” Petri Rintala, GM Poland concludes.