FSP changes company name to FSP For Surface Protection

FSP Finnish Steel Painting, the leading surface treatment company in Northern Europe has changed its name to FSP For Surface Protection. The name change was announced in February 2022. The name change was set in motion by FSP’s updated strategy and global expansion.

FSP Finnish Steel Painting is now known as FSP For Surface Protection. The slogan previously used in the company’s marketing was introduced as an official company name in February 2022. The change will initially apply in Finland and will later take place in the other companies as well – in which case the whole group will operate under one name.

FSP has been operating on a global scale already for 15 years. The company currently seeks rapid international growth and the new name corresponds better outside Finnish borders.

Becoming a surface treatment giant in six decades

FSP was established in 1964 in Porvoo, Finland. FSP has played a vital role in creating basis for the industrial surface treatment business in Finland. The company has been constantly expanding and within 6 decades it has become a significant international operator. FSP is one of the leading surface treatment companies in Europe.

FSP employs over 300 professionals in Finland, Poland and Estonia. The corporate offers industrial surface treatment with additional expert and added-value services such as new solutions in technology.

FSP of today was established in 2001, when three Finnish companies merged creating the largest surface treatment company in Finland – now known as FSP For Surface Protection.

Global leadership at the core of FSP’s strategy

In 2022 changes are already happening and FSP is set for rapid global expansion. The name change signals company’s renewal and recent revised strategy.

– As we have updated our strategy we have excellent prospects for significant expansion. FSP For Surface Protection reflects the core of our business – we protect products from corrosion and environmental stress, explains Jarno Huttunen, CEO of FSP, and continues: – The new name indicates renewal, development, and international growth.