FSP and Aurajoki Finalise their Co-operation Agreement in Turku

An agreement was concluded in September, Aurajoki Oy and FSP For Surface Protection Oy have agreed on outsourcing the powder coating workshop, belonging to Aurajoki’s Turku unit, to FSP. Aurajoki will continue to be responsible for the unit’s electrolytic coating services. The outcome of this respectable partnership will enable growth by increasing the offering in Southwest Finland. In addition, the agreement will provide the companies with a competitive advantage in the market, whilst customers will be offered high-quality and comprehensive coating services in a centralised manner.

With this business acquisition, the powder coating operations at Aurajoki Oy’s Turku unit shall be transferred in full to FSP For Surface Protection Oy from 1/1/2022 onwards. As a result of the agreement, Aurajoki will gain a reliable partner as well as a comprehensive and flexible powder coating service partnership. Furthermore, FSP is satisfied and happy with the opportunities that will follow on from this partnership which will offer room for growth.

Outsourcing has solidified our capacity in terms of powder coating workshops, which we have sought for a long time. The location of the coating plant in Turku is excellent for the growth of FSP’s network. The demand for powder coating services is constantly increasing, and we are happy that we can respond and commit to the market’s needs in a timely manner with a comprehensive approach. The concept of the cooperation is functional, and in the future, we shall develop our operating methods to jointly serve the end customer with Aurajoki in the best possible manner” quoted by Jarno Huttunen, CEO at FSP.

Nine of Aurajoki Oy’s employees will permanently transfer over to FSP as senior employees in connection with the outsourcing. There is 1,000 m2 for powder coating at Aurajoki’s Turku unit, and the production capacity can be increased significantly. In addition, surface treatment, which covers the product’s entire life cycle, can be carried out in the modern production facilities.

Customers will now have access to diverse surface treatment services under the same roof

FSP and Aurajoki have both operated in the surface treatment industry for a long time. The history of both companies date back to the 1960s, when Finland was rapidly developing from an agriculture-driven society to an industrial country. In addition to their long history, the domestic veterans in the surface treatment industry are also known for their sustainability, reliability, and high quality.

“It is great to be able to combine our skills, and I believe that our partnership creates significant added value for our customers. Customers will continue to have access to a wide range of different surface treatment services, such as electro galvanisation, chromium plating, anodisation and powder coating, at the same price, in a high-quality and reliable manner. In addition, having a professional and skilled partner develop the unit’s powder coating business operations allows Aurajoki’s Turku unit to focus on developing electrolytic coating business operations entirely, by putting their focus on their expertise. The benefits brought on by outsourcing include synergy benefits and the increase of cost efficiency” quoted by Ralf Sohlström, CEO at Aurajoki Oy.

Aurajoki Oy

The Aurajoki Group is Finland’s leading company specialising in the coating solutions and infrastructures of the metal industry, and its turnover is approximately 25 M€, and it has 180 employees. The factorie’s of Aurajoki Group are located in Turku, Aura, Pirkkala, Lievestuore, Mikkeli and Saarijärvi as well as in Daugmale, Latvia. Aurajoki’s coating solutions cover a wide range of different coatings, from hot galvanisation to various electrolytic coatings.

FSP For Surface Protection Oy

FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy is among one of the leading industrial surface treatment companies in Europe. The company employ over 300 professionals and the turnover is about EUR 27 million.

FSP offers surface treatment and value-added services by enhancing the customer’s production chain and logistics – from defining operating conditions to surface treatment, inspections and post-warranty maintenance.


Jarno Huttunen 
CEO, FSP For Surface Protection Oy
+358 50 400 2082 

Ralf Sohlström
CEO, Aurajoki Oy
+358 40 770 2720