From Iisalmi to all over the world – and underground

The largest customer of FSP’s Iisalmi unit is Normet. We share production facilities and work in close cooperation. It is beneficial for both sides to have processes as smooth as possible – which leaves production capacity for other customers as well.

Jani Laukkanen, head of the Iisalmi unit, is feeling pleased and confident.

– We have had our rough times, but now it’s looking positive. We have hired new people in the last couple of years, and there are also plans to expand our operations.

The largest customer of the IisaImi unit is Normet, which specializes in mining machinery and chemicals. FSP provides pre-treatment and wet coating for Normet’s machines and their parts.

– For many products, we even take care of the final outfitting – taping, packaging and shipping, Laukkanen says.

Work procedures have been developed in cooperation with the customer.

– We have operated a taping service for a couple of years now. Earlier, the customer would tape certain parts as a separate work phase, but now we take care of taping while the workpiece is still on the painting line. At the same time we import the products into the customer’s system. The initiative for this practice came from us. We have saved lots of working hours by streamlining operations, enabling the customer to eliminate one work phase, Laukkanen says.

On the facility yard there are pallets tailored for products. Their development is also based on customer need. Larger hulls are now assembled directly on pallets, making them easier to move around and greatly reducing minor damages.

– Some years back we co-developed painting systems, switching from single layer coating to double layer. Due to this change, the number of reclamations about final products was drastically reduced, Laukkanen says.

Proximity helps develop operations and collaboration. Normet and FSP share facilities, albeit in separate production halls. Information is shared on a daily basis.

– People know each other and we all get along really well, Laukkanen says. – Normet is an extremely good customer. We get a lot of development ideas, and also help, if needed. We almost feel like we are one company. Quarterly meetings are held for systematic monitoring and development.

Important work for the entire region

Jani Laukkanen has spent his whole career in the painting industry, almost 21 years of which in FSP. Laukkanen, who lives in Kiuruvesi, enjoys the outdoors and likes to go hunting with his dog. He likes living especially in this area and enjoys his work.

And so do many others: in the close-knit community of 13 professionals, many have a long history with FSP.

– Two of our employees have worked here for over 30 years.

Besides Normet, another customer of the Iisalmi paint shop is HT Laser. These companies are large employers and therefore – along with their partners – important operators for the area.

While operating in Iisalmi, the companies are truly global.

– Last year we shipped out around 400 finalized Normet machines all over the world. We are anticipating high growth, so the number of shipments is expected to grow significantly during the next few years.

FSP Iisalmi
Ahmolantie 6
74510 Iisalmi


  • Washing and cleaning
  • Shot blasting with steel grit
  • Centrifugal blasting with steel grit (1 x 1.5 x 4 m)
  • Wet coating on painting line and painting chambers
  • Lifting capacity: 1.6 t
  • Maximum workpiece size: 4.5 x 3.5 x 8 m
    (Dimensions: width x height x length)