Floor coating and maintenance painting for Oulu Energia

The cooperation between FSP and Oulu Energia started a year ago with floor coating, and continued with maintenance painting of conveyor floor supports. Jani Orava, work planner for mechanical maintenance at Oulu Energia, thanks FSP for both cooperation and independency,

FSP Raahe coated the concrete floor of a conveyor crossing station for Oulun Energia in 2018. 

 – The floor was quite badly crumbled, but the new coating has held on well. The floor isn’t too slippery either, says Jani Orava, work planner for mechanical maintenance at Oulun Energia.  

The coating work covered washing the floor, cleaning it as thoroughly as possible, primer and final coating.  

This summer the cooperation continued, as two FSP painters carried out the maintenance painting of conveyor floor support legs for Oulun Energia.  

Orava is pleased with the final result and working methods.  

– They did well, he says. – The finish is good, just as we expected. The painters also worked very independently. 

Orava used to work at Raahe steel mill and was familiar with FSP already from those times.  

–  Joni Siironen from the Raahe unit visited our premises and gave an introduction to FSP’s operations, Orava explains the background of current cooperation.  

He believes that Oulun Energia will continue to have painting work done by FSP. Other coating works are still under consideration.