Flexible and versatile surface treatment in Pori

In the past few years FSP has delivered several challenging surface treatment projects both at the Karjaranta surface treatment facility in Pori and at the Satakunta project building sites in western Finland. The projects have involved a wide range of surface treatment and fireproof coatings for the engineering sector.

When asked about FSP’s strengths, Marko Hedman (right) appreciates flexibility and the quality in documentation and reporting. Joacim Eklund says one of the strongest competitive advantages in Pori is the large lifting capacity.

FSP supervisor Joacim Eklund says one of the strongest competitive advantages in Pori is the large lifting capacity, over 16 tonnes, of the surface treatment facility. For this reason, the premises make moving and surface treating large, long pieces possible. The premises are the largest in Karjaranta, Pori, in which surface treatment can be carried out.

“A special feature in this Norsok-approved facility is that there are cranes at both ends of the surface treatment line. Flexibility is without a doubt one of our strengths. We can take charge of the surface treatment either at the location of the project or in the surface treatment facility at very short notice,” Eklund says.

One of FSP’s most satisfied clients in Pori is the full-service turnkey engineering company IS Works Oy, which manufactures spare parts and components that industrial clients need for maintenance and servicing. The company, founded in 1999, has cooperation with Finnish machine-builders and equipment manufacturers.


IS Works’ core expertise is in a wide range of demanding disc, welding and machining works. In the past year, the company has ordered surface treatment for marine industry and power plant components from FSP. These components will be used in demanding conditions.

“Everything has gone very smoothly. The surface treatment has been done with us in mind and our needs have been met. We appreciate the smooth processes, documentation and reporting. The reports for the surface treatment documentation have arrived on time,” says IS Works production designer Marko Hedman.

“What was originally agreed was done. The reliability of supply and work quality have met our expectations,” Hedman says.


FSP has also done fireproof coatings for construction contractors in Pori. One of the most recent new clients is Skanska, which has built a new five-storey building at the Satakunta central hospital. FSP’s task was to carry out the fireproof coating works for the framework of this building’s ventilation machine room. The building will go into use gradually in early 2019.

One of the more unusual projects last year involved birch plywood board coating work for the Sastamala- based Riga Wood Finland Oy. This is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Latvijas Finieris. Latvijas Finieris is one of Europe’s largest producers of birch plywood.

FSP coated the birch plywood, which Riga Wood Finland then worked further into non-skid devices, among other products.

In Pori, surface treatment projects have included corrugated tin plates for SSV Tanks, a range of parts for Valmet, airport snow ploughs for Fortaco and combine harvester parts for Sampo-Rosenlew.