Fireproofing at an airport and in Kilpilahti

During the past year, FSP has received several fireproof coating projects. The sites have included both public facilities and industrial areas, where structures need to maintain their sufficient load-bearing capacity even during a fire.

One of the most interesting projects was related to the expansion of the Helsinki Airport, where fireproofing was applied to some of the load-bearing structures of the expanded terminal. The contract is connected to the largest investment program in the history of the airport. A new central plaza and a new western wing will be opened there by the year 2019. Due to this gigantic new expansion, the airport can in the future serve up to 30 million passengers per year.

In Kilpilahti, Southern Finland, FSP was responsible for the fireproofing of load-bearing structures for oil refinery equipment. The Porvoo paintshop is EN 1090-certified, which proves that the certified party is responsible for the conformity of the product.

During the recent years, FSP has done several fireproof coatings in different industrial environments, such as the Neste oil refinery process pipeline, various data centres built in Finland recently, and the Volvo Penta factory in Gothenburg. In addition to fireproofing, more traditional corrosion protection projects have also been completed at these sites.

FSP has the ability to do fireproof coatings in a flexible manner thanks to mobile equipment. Fireproofing has become more common in the recent years due to authoritative regulations. Fireproofing is used to ensure that the temperature of a structure will not exceed its critical level during the required fire resistance period. It will also prevent fires from spreading, making it possible to shut down processes in a controlled manner, to evacuate personnel, and to enable the rescue personnel to operate in the area.