Kristjan Gilden on the award to FSP’s unit in Hämeenlinna 

With 15+ years in the business, Kristjan has gone from painter to Production Manager and Surface Treatment Specialist – a title few are privileged to hold. Today he is responsible for high-quality inspections and the merited training program that awarded the Hämenenlinna site with ”Apprenticeship Training Work Place of the Year 2022”. 

He started his career in the surface treatment industry in 2008. 2013 he began at FSP, where he became Supervisor in 2019 and later Production Manager. He recently graduated as Surface Treatment Specialist from Tavastia Education Consortium. 

”As the old saying goes, I worked myself up. The experience I have from painting comes in handy when supervising and inspecting pieces. Today my main task is quality insurance, ensuring we have the highest possible standard and durability on all the pieces that leave the factory.” 

Kristjan’s unit was awarded the price by the Hämenenlinna site based on how they teach the students and the high employee rate, where 90% get a job after school. Kristjan has supervised the trainee program since its start in 2016, and the educations vary from one year up to two or three years. 

”We train young painters, around 18 years old, from ”the bottom up.” A cornerstone in our program is working close to and much time with the students, demonstrating and teaching different kinds of painting systems and processes. At our site, we do surface work in everything imaginary, from tiny to very big pieces. The breadth is an excellent experience for the students.”

At the Häämenlinna site, FSP has several clients within the defense industry, where quality, durability, and delivery time are of utmost importance.  

”Like our clients, we have incredibly high standards. We are continuously working on improving workflow and conducting training for our staff to stay on top.” Kristjan concludes.