Dear customer, steel construction and the markets for metal and machine shop industries are still progressing with moderate order volumes, although demand is currently evening out. We will continue the development of our operations in many ways throughout the autumn.

We have invested in a new surface treatment line in Poland. The purpose is to double the production volumes of our Polish production facilities. The current production capacity is already in full use, and the new line will be commissioned in 2019. Growth in Poland has been strong, with our revenue nearly doubling each year since the foundation of our country office.

We are still going to invest in quick deliveries, because the production chain in the industry has been further speeding up. Steel constructors and the manufacturing industry must be able to react to tender requests very quickly and start designing and producing as soon as the order has been finalized. At the same time, the entire production chain must progress according to schedule. Quick reactions have already become a success factor in our industry.

We are still developing our strong culture and mode of operation. In the autumn, we will be starting a new development project with all of our personnel according to the spirit of Lean philosophy. The goal is to be able to implement all the best development ideas, to modify our work in ways that makes it more enjoyable, and to improve overall work satisfaction. The results of daily work will become visible to all. This will improve motivation, as anyone can have a say on the contents and outcomes of their work.

Dear reader, I would now like to recommend turning the page and reviewing our case stories and latest company news. In this issue, we are reporting for example on our versatile capabilities in serving our customers in Northern Finland at our surface treatment plant in Raahe, and on our flexible project expertise as applied to surface treatment contracts for bridges. We also present some innovative polyurea coatings at the Terrafame industrial area in Sotkamo, and our ability to offer almost completely dust-free wet blasting services and fireproof coatings.

You are also welcome to visit our stand C 1019 at the Subcontracting Trade Fair in Tampere. We will be happy to tell you more about our successes and new services there!


Helpfully yours,

Pentti Virtanen
FSP Finnish Steel Painting