Starting from autumn of 2018 FSP has been tightly involved in productivity program, which is organized by Teknologiateollisuus ry (Technology industries of Finland) and Teollisuusliitto ry (Industrial Union). The objective is to strengthen confidential relationships and make the whole staff involved in developing the operations. The unions’ program is unique in Finnish labour market.

”The staff is a critical success factor. It’s the people who do the work, even though the machines and automation are at a modern level. The work proceeds human-oriented. With the help of the program we will strengthen our ability to incorporate staff ideas to work at hand, better than previously and alter the work to be more meaningful,” FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy CEO Pentti Virtanen says.

The target of the program is to support productivity development, which is a central competitivity factor and for which a lot can be done. According to the unions, a good productivity development is the basis of work and production competitiveness. Good co-operation inside the company is pivotal. The program emphasizes that taking care of productivity is the only sustainable way to guarantee the success of the company, the saving of jobs and making new ones.



”Everybody such as the customers, the company and the staff benefit when we develop operating methods. Productivity is improved when we do the right things in the right way in all the stages of the production process. When the working culture is good and co-operation functions, they give birth to conditions where successful innovations can be made to operations,” FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy HR Director Mari Rajamäki says.

In the beginning, the program is piloted in FSP Jyväskylä and Kangasniemi surface treatment plants, in middle part of Finland. The goal is to strengthen the culture of working together and bring the Lean-philosophy to be a stronger part of everyday operations, than previously. In practice the program includes, among other things, teamwork, coaching, courses and professional help.

”The program already started with co-operation level measuring. On it was evaluated what is the current state of co-operation and which actions are needed for co-operation, or even more widely, for the improving of operations. This way we can get information for the base on the discussion, of what is the opinion of different parties about the different factors that affect co-operation,” Rajamäki continues.



During the following year FSP takes ad- vantage of the following program module parts: Lean-leadership, motivational rewarding and functional travel practices. These module parts have been chosen together with staff representatives. In the spirit of the Lean-philosophy, coaching leadership, supervisor and worker skills are developed. This results in improvement of process flow, operating methods can be standardized and the value given to customer increases. The main objective is to get the staff involved in development work and working together. The goal is also to detect what is loss and what unnecessary work means in everyday work.

The motivational rewarding module helps develop the compensation system, so that it would function efficiently and fit together with the business operations as a whole and its objectives. Rewarding is motivational when the staff has a possibility with its own actions to influence it. The functional travel practices module offers the means to develop travel rules.