One of the biggest shopping malls in Finland, Shopping Centre Itis, has given a face lift to its facade on the Tallinnanaukio Square. The facade lighting will also be partially renewed during the surface treatment project.

FSP was in charge of the surface treatment of the facade steel structures in November. The project commissioner was Shopping Centre Itis. The project aimed at creating a visually consistent look for the facade. The surface treated facade on Tallinnanaukio Square was 120 metres long and ten metres high.

The project started with the erection of scaffolding and placement of covers to protect the surroundings. The protective covers were necessary, as large numbers of shopping centre customers pass through Tallinnanaukio Square each day. Over 17 million customers visit Itis each year. The square offers direct access to Shopping Centre Itis, and it is also the location of one of the two Eastern entrances to Itäkeskus metro station, which offers passengers a good connection to the city centre.

The surface treatment project had three phases: cleaning, roughening and coating. Inside the covers, surface treatment conditions were maintained with heating equipment.

“We were already familiar with FSP as an industrial surface treatment company,” says Ramboll Construction Consultant Jari Jouppi.