Tens of thousands of litres of paint per year, hundreds of customer contacts and a continuous flow of customer audits. Work days are busy and varied at the surface treatment facility in Saue, Estonia. A cooperative outlook helps succeed in both the painting shop and customer work.

FSP’s surface treatment facility in Saue is located a short drive away from capital Tallinn.

 – We have around around dozen employees, dozens of customers and a lots of different services on offer, says Matis Jürgenson, head of the Saue unit.

On his computer screen there’s a list of Estonian companies, hundreds of rows long.

 – I am systematically going through this list and calling potential customers daily. My work consists of sales, offer calculation and every day management of Estonian units, Jürgenson says.

First impression counts

There is a lot of work to be done as the Saue unit is growing steadily. The unit currently has more than ten large customers. The paint shop is processing a range of workpieces of different sizes with several different coating systems.

– We are prepared to expand our services, tailoring them to customer needs, Matis Jürgenson explains. – We are currently developing our operations to increase painting capacity and enable the handling of larger workpieces in the future.

He admits that it is difficult to get new customers in Estonia.

– It is not so much about competition in the industry, but rather that many potential customers want to do their surface treatment internally.

New customers are won over with high quality and cooperation.

– We are constantly searching for new information about materials and methods, Jürgenson says. – My passion is to really help our customers, which often means examining their entire production process. Through cooperation, we are able to make changes that save time and money but still lead to better end results.

FSP has a good and reliable reputation in Estonia. Mats Jürgenson stresses that high quality must be visible right at the facility door.

– Every week we get customers visiting our premises or auditing our work, often at a short notice. It is crucial that the facilities are tidy and everything is well documented, Jürgenson says. – We perform inspections and maintenance on our machinery quarterly with a specialist company. Our customers demand that all work is done with high quality, adhering to safety standards, and also heeding the environment.

Crossing borders with paints and cooperation

Saue uses up tens of thousands of litres of paint per year. Matis Jürgenson says that the choice of paint depends not only on the workpiece, but also on the customer company and its operating area.

– We mostly use Finnish coating products. However, certain products are sent for example to the United States into an offshore environment, so in those cases we use a reliable international paint brand that is known in that area.

Paint acquisition is an important part of customer service.

– Doing things cheaply is not quality, but cost-effectiveness is. The price of paint only makes up a fraction of production costs, but as quantities grow it starts to make a difference, too. We can bring advantage to the customer through our own procurement and volume benefits.

Having international customers means international service.

– We offer a full range of services. Saue employees have carried out surface treatment projects at customer premises in Germany and France, for example.

Support from the work community

Matis Jürgenson has earlier worked in property and construction industries. He came to FSP ten years ago as a summer worker and has since progressed to project manager and head of business Estonian units. Many co-workers have also had long careers here.

– There are about ten of us now, and nearly everybody has worked at FSP for more than five years. Nobody has left for another job, but merely because of moving away from the area.

Employees are committed to their jobs and to this work community. Investment in personnel training is one motivational factor. Jürgenson sends his regards to FSP Finland.

– We get support from Finland for all our operations, from procedure development to sales and marketing. It feels great to be part of a team of over 200 professionals.

Tule 22, 76505 Saue


  • Shot blasting with steel grit
  • Wet coating
  • Lifting capacity: 0.5 t
  • Max. workpiece size: 2,5 x 2 x 5,5 m
    (width x height x length)
  • Value-added services include finalizing and logistics