You are holding a thick reading package of our corporate news and success stories. We have had many of those during the last months of 2018! I will give you three examples.
Historical offshore-natural gas pipeline across the the gulf of Finland from Paldiski Estonia to Inkoo Finland will be ready for use by the year 2020. FSP was in charge of the surface treatment of Inkoo valve station pipeline.
Patria and FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy have reached an agreement on surface treatment operations in Hämeenlinna paint shop as of January 1st, 2019.
Rovaniemi’s Ounaskoski railway and road bridge in northern Finland was opened again for traffic in the beginning of November, after a major renovation that lasted over a year. The nearly 70-year-old bridge received a whole new paint cover, new railings and lighting, the car lane a new asphalt and much more space for cyclists.
Steel company SSAB’s factory in Raahe, western Finland renovated the durability of the water treatment plant’s flotation pool in November 2018 during rolling mill shutdown. The company selected FSP’s surface treatment unit in Raahe to execute the project.


Starting from autumn of 2018 FSP has been tightly involved in productivity program, which is organized by Teknologiateollisuus ry (Technology industries of Finland) and Teollisuusliitto ry (Industrial Union). The objective is to strengthen confidential relationships and make the whole staff involved in developing the operations. The unions’ program is unique in Finnish labour market.
In autumn 2018, FSP provided various wet blasting services to its clients with its mobile equipment. One of the sites was in Kalasatama in Helsinki, close to the shopping centre Redi; the adhesives in an apartment building’s concrete foundation were cleaned with a wet blaster by FSP.
FSP offers its clients a wooden appearance for metal surfaces. The surface can be almost any metal surface that can be powder coated.
During fall 2018, FSP completed a project where the roof of a sour water tank received a surface treatment at the Kilpilahti refinery in Southern Finland. The used coating was an extremely durable polyurea.


FSP and a Finnish internationally operating training company Scandinaval Group have started cooperation. Scandinaval Group implements trainings designed to meet FSP’s needs, within the operating area of FSP.


Read about current appointment news and learn about the remits of the people appointed to new positions.
Kari Nostaja is the newly appointed manager of the new surface treatment plant in Hämeenlinna and the Häme regional business unit. He promises investments in the Hämeenlinna plant, which will broaden services and shorten the lead time for jobs. Customer preferences and ideas are now also welcome.
Dear customer, steel construction and the markets for metal and machine shop industries are still progressing with moderate order volumes, although demand is currently evening out. We will continue the development of our operations in many ways throughout the autumn.
FSP offers comprehensive services to companies in northern Finland at both the modern Raahe surface treatment plant and at project sites. Our strengths are good customer service, supply security, and quick deliveries.


FSP is taking a new painting line into use in 2019, which doubles its capacity in Poland.
During the past year, FSP has carried out several demanding surface treatment projects for large bridges. Among the project sites are the Ounaskoski railway and roadway bridge In Rovaniemi, the Vårdö roadway bridge in Åland, the Friitala roadway bridge in Ulvila, and the Kraaselinsalmi railway bridge in Kemi.
The rapidly growing multi-metal company Terrafame produces nickel, zinc, cobalt, and copper for international markets. For a few years now, it has utilized FSP’s versatile surface treatment expertise at the Sotkamo mine metal plant in northern Finland.
FSP is perceived as the largest and leading actor in the field, with the best potential for hiring capable professionals. The company plays a strong and central role in their customerships. The level of satisfaction is raised especially by long-term expertise, management of day-to-day routines, capable managers, flexibility, smooth communications, and approachability.
FSP has been commissioned to paint forklift counterweights. The project involves 200 counterweights with weights ranging from 500 to 1500 tonnes.


FSP is now offering their customers versatile wet blasting services via flexible, mobile equipment. Wet blasting is a cleaning method where any blasting material can be used, provided it is heavier than water. Such materials include sand and aluminum oxide.


During the past year, FSP has received several fireproof coating projects. The sites have included both public facilities and industrial areas, where structures need to maintain their sufficient load-bearing capacity even during a fire.
Developing products and methods is every day’s work at FSP. At the Kangasniemi paintshop we can now offer metal surfaces with wood pattern. – For years we have offered different kind of effective coatings, one more spectacular such as crocodile skin, stone pattern, metallic effect etc. From now one customers have asked us to offer
”There is potential in Poland”, says Jarno Huttunen. In the summer, Business Director of FSP moved to Poznań, Poland. His assignment is to supervise the new line investment will be implemented and the business in Poland continues its great development. Huttunen is also attracted to new experiences as well in his career as personally.


Robotics is an important part of the work of Juli-Ann Rikkonen, development manager in FSP. Is it possible to learn for instance the experiences of car industry in the industrial surface treatment? How to utilize robotics and how to support the personnel in the continuous change?
In the “Faces of FSP” series of articles, readers get to know FSP people. They speak about topics that are current for their own work, the whole company and the field in general. Business unit manager Henri Kiminki is responsible for the Uusimaa unit and moving projects. He thinks that the changes to the organisation
In ”The Faces of FSP” article series, we meet the people behind the company and talk to them about their work in the context of topical questions for the industry and for FSP. Development Manager Juli-Ann Rikkonen has to stay abreast of the latest developments in FSP and the industry as a whole, while also


FSP’s Estonian operations in Saue and Jüri are thriving. FSP’s surface treatment facilities in Estonia provide services to companies such as ABB, Sandvik, Stera Saue As and now Wärtsilä Energy Solutions Oy, a leading international energy system integrator.


Cramo, a European leader in machine and equipment rentals, made the floor of its maintenance van more resistant to wear and tear thanks to innovative FSP surface treatment. Polyurea, which can withstand extreme conditions, was used as a coating.
In early 2018, Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt Oy renovated the surfaces of the inner walls of a warehouse in the city’s seaside industrial park. FSP was chosen to carry out the surface treatment work, using polyurea as an extremely durable coating material.
In the spring of 2018, FSP is training twelve new surface treatment professionals in collaboration with Tavastia vocational collage and Uramuuntaja Oy. The aim is to complement existing personnel with new professionals.
FSP has received the largest Finnish bridge project order in company history. From March to October 2018, the final project entails surface treating the 400-metre-long Ounaskoski rail and road bridge in northern Finland. This is one of the most notable investment of the year in Rovaniemi.
In summer 2018, the energy company Helen will start using two massive heat pumps 50 meters below Esplanadi in the Centre of Helsinki. During the construction project FSP was responsible for the surface treatment of the heat pump pipeline.
In the first months of the year, we have made remarkable breakthroughs. I will highlight three of them.


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Nolla tapaturmaa -foorumin työturvallisuuden tasoluokituksen sai 67 työpaikkaa
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"Nyt insinöörikin uskoo, että yksinkertainen toimii" - tutkimus paljasti puutteet
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