Tampere surface treatment shop – surface treatment outsourcing

“We were convinced that FSP has the ability to implement the surface treatment according to a certified managing system i.e. with quality and environmental soundness.” -Hydroline Oy

Partnership between Hanlog and FSP began in March 2014, when the FSP bought Walcorro’s business from Walpella group. After the acquisition, FSP took responsibility of surface treatment service on turn-key basis in surface treatment shop located in Messukylä, Tampere.

According to Hanlog, the contract allows better utilization of the production facility and continously improvement of the surface treatment for customers of the Walpella group. The contract clarified Hanlog’s strategy and gave opportunity to focus on their own core competence and its development as well as building conditions for business growth.

FSP’s main task is to take care of industrial surface treatment and also acid dipping/spraying and grinding services for customers of paper, pulp and mining industry.

According to Hanlog, FSP is great example of company that is industy’s best player in its own core competence, ie surface treatment. Hanlog appreciates three key features in FSP’s operation: quality, functional capability and environmental friendliness. According to Hanlog, quality requirements of surface treatment are high because their customer base includes e.g. Europe’s major players in paper industry.

  • CLIENT Hanlog Oy
  • YEAR 2014-2016
  • LOCATIONTampere, Finland