Surface treatment of
disk machines

“It is important that disk machine’s conveyor motors are not damaged during surface treatment work. In the past this has caused problems, but now surface treatment was done properly.” –Cembrit Production

FSP surface treated two disk machines with 100 m long lines into durable and beautiful condition in Cembrit’s production facility in Lohja. Three weeks lasting project was Cembrit’s and FSP’s first joint project.

Older disk machine was from 90’s and it wasn’t been surface treated since it was taken into use. Now Cembrit wanted to restore surfaces into their original condition. Surface treatment was certainly necessary because machinery’s iron parts were partially badly rusted.

Before the start of work, Cembrit’s and FSP’s representatives sat down together and went through incoming work phases. There was a challenge in scheduling because the lines needed to be surface treated during plant’s downtimes, planned ahead by Cembrit.

Work was done during these scheduled downtimes and it didn’t had any impact on Cembrit’s workpace. First line was surface treated in December 2014 and second one in February 2015. During the busiest time, project employed six professionals from FSP. Now disk machines have durable and good looking surface that withstands use for decades.

  • CLIENT Cembrit Production Oy
  • YEAR 2015
  • LOCATIONLohja, Finland